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About Billy

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Billy Connolly is said to have been born on Tuesday 24 November 1942, which would make him 76 years, 1 months and 23 days old (if this date is accurate and he is alive today).

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Billy Connolly was credited as actor in the following stand-up comedy set.
At the time, he would have been about 68 years old.
Billy Connolly: You Asked For It DVDBilly Connolly: You Asked For It
      2011 | U.K. | Laughs: 4.8 | imdb: 7.7

This video spans over thirty years of Billy Connolly's career. The first thing to know for an American audience is that Billy has a Scottish accent, so that his shows may not be that easy to understand. He seems to be really famous in the UK's sphere of influence (such as Australia and New Zealand, a region where I lived for over a decade), so I finally decided to check him out. For me, this DVD was more about chuckling than about laughing. I have to say that the accent somewhat tired me, and that I had to watch the 96-minute tape in several sittings. I can see that the man is loved by his fans of many years, and he is at home on stage with a live audience. I did warm up to him in the later segments (when he is considerably older), and I did laugh a couple of times, but for me it wasn't laugh-out-loud comedy, even after tuning in to the accent. The segments cover topics such as aromatherapy, visiting a proctologist, and memories of a village dance as a young man. Perhaps worth watching once for cultural reasons. (Last viewed: January 2013)

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