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About Bill

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Bill Bailey is the finest, ultimate achievement of British civilization.

Bill Bailey

He is also Eddie Izzard's lost brother. Bill is not only an outstanding performer and a brilliant humorist, he is a superb musician who marries laughs with tunes with such skill as I had not seen again since laughing at a circus act as a six-year-old. When such a genius comes along, I say give him a nice house, give him everything he needs so he can keep making jewels for the rest of us, and spare him bad relationships that would distract him from his work. Of course for some comedians discomfort and bad relationships are inspirations, but let's face it, they operate in a different atmosphere. Long live Bill.

Bill Bailey is said to have been born on Monday 13 January 1964, which would make him 55 years, 1 months and 5 days old (if this date is accurate and he is alive today).

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Bill Bailey was credited as actor in the following film.
At the time, he would have been about 36 years old.
Black Books DVDBlack Books
      2000 | U.K. | Laughs: 7.8 | imdb: 8.5
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With Father Ted and The IT Crowd, one of three great series partly written by Graham Linehan. This one doesn't make me fall off my chair laughing, but I find it consistently good. The show focuses on a bookstore, and features a tight cast that does a great job of making me smile. (Last viewed: June 2011)

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