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Big Stan DVDBig Stan
      2007 | USA | Laughs: 8.4 (Laugh and Smile) | imdb: 6.2

Convicted of fraud, a wealthy scammer trains in the martial arts to prepare for his time in jail, where he becomes "Big Stan". If you can tolerate a moderate dose of adult themes, this movie will be a welcome surprise, not least because it reinvents the dynamics of situations often seen in movies, such as life in prison. The cast is excellent. The lead actor (Rob Schneider), who directed the movie, comes highly recommended via 50 First Dates, where he was the brilliant Ula. (Last viewed: June 2012)

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Some of the Cast of "Big Stan"

1: Rob Schneider (see other movies involving Rob Schneider)
>> Rob Schneider was credited as director and actor.

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