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El ministro y yo posterThe Minister and I (El ministro y yo)
      1976 | Mexico | Laughs: 4.0 (Watch Once) | imdb: 6.7
      wikipedia | who was involved?

This was the first movie I watched in the 'Cantiflas' series, and I enjoyed it. A man who writes letter for the illiterate strikes up a friendship with a minister for the country's government and is offered a job within the administration, where he learns about bureaucracy.

Those who have known Cantiflas since the 1940 classic Ahí está el detalle may find this late entry (36 years later!) unsatisfactory, but for me it worked. (Last viewed: July 2018)

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Instructions Not Included No se aceptan devoluciones posterInstructions Not Included (No se aceptan devoluciones)
      2013 | Mexico | Laughs: 2.5 (Watch Once) | imdb: 7.6
      wikipedia | who was involved?

A woman abandons her baby daughter at the door of the presumed father, then returns to claim her through the courts seven years later after the man has raised the girl in the most caring fashion. This endearing movie could be an effective component of a campaign for men's rights.

On the comedy side, many moments made me smile and I even chuckled a couple of times, but there were certainly no belly laughs. Some of the minor characters had the funniest parts, such as the man who carries on about death in a particularly awkward way.

Overall, a decent if forgettable family flick. (Last viewed: March 2018)

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Qué culpa tiene el niño posterWhat fault of the child is it? (¿Qué culpa tiene el niño?)
      2016 | Mexico | Laughs: 2.4 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 6.7
      who was involved?

A woman from a high social strata discovers she got pregnant at a wild wedding party, and tracks down the suspected father, a younger man from a working-class background. This well-produced movie gives you a chance to spend time in Mexico without seeing a single gun or narcotraficant. As romantic comedies go, it is entirely watchable, but I can't say that it made me laugh. (Last viewed: March 2018)

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El Narco El Infierno posterEl Narco (El Infierno)
      2010 | Mexico | Laughs: 1.5 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 7.8
      wikipedia | who was involved?

Although this movie is really a dark story of drug-related gangsterism in an impoverished part of Mexico, it has light moments in the midst of the gruesome background, probably the reason why the 'comedy' tag was added to its classification.

There are no laughs (at least none that I could find), but the first part has some good moments, and if you're a fan of the genre, you won't be disappointed.

Favorite quotes:
1. Even the flies don't stop here (to describe an out-of-the-way place).
2. Trusting is good. Not trusting is better. (Last viewed: February 2018)

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Nosotros Los Nobles cartel The Noble Family posterThe Noble Family (Nosotros Los Nobles)
      2013 | Mexico | Laughs: 1.5 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 7.4
      wikipedia | who was involved?

Seeing that his grown-up kids behave like brats, a wealthy business man fakes bankruptcy to give his progeny a taste of the working life. While the premise was good and the production excellent, the laughs were absent, at least for me. Still, an entertaining watch. (Last viewed: March 2018)

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