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Corner Gas DVDCorner Gas
      2004 | Canada | Laughs: 6.7 | imdb: 8.0
      wikipedia | who was involved?

I became aware of this series thanks to someone who sent a note in the comment form! The series follows life around a diner and a gas station in a small Canadian town. The cast is small, the pace is slow, the talent is moderate. But if you pick episodes that rated higher than 8 on IMDB (as I did), you will be rewarded with several hours of pleasant of entertainment, to be digested one episode at a time, and with very few duds.

Here is a short list of episodes I might watch again someday.

05x12 The J Word
05x14 Contagious Fortune
06x07 American Resolution
06x10 Shirt Disturber
06x12 Super Sensitive
06x13 TV Free Dog River
06x14 Queasy Rider
06x15 R2 Bee Too

I also started watching from the top. Seasons 1 and 2 were good, but season 3 lost me.
(Last viewed: May 2012)

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Hiccups DVDHiccups
      2010 | Canada | Laughs: 5.6 | imdb: 4.5
      wikipedia | who was involved?

I came to Hiccups via Corner Gas, a series by the same writer, Brent Butt. The show follows a life coach, his only client (a wacky children's book author), her publisher and her agent. Brent's real-world wife, who had done a good job in a supporting role in Corner Gas, was probably not the best choice for a lead character. The show is unequal, somewhat slow-paced for a US audience, and it features a couple of annoying characters (such as the life coach's wife) but it has good moments if you hang in there. I watched all of the first season.

If you're not ready to sign up, you may want to jump to episode 5 of the first season, Hot Luv, which features a hot pepper eating contest. It is the funniest of all by a long shot.

Here are other episodes I might watch again:
(Last viewed: February 2012)

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Twitch City DVDTwitch City
      1998 | Canada | Laughs: 4.0 | imdb: 8.1
      wikipedia | who was involved?

This is one of these rare series that gets better with each episode (there are only thirteen of them, spread over two seasons). It focuses on the life of a recluse who watches TV for much of the day, and the people who come through his flat. It's not laugh-out-loud material, but it's funny and made me smile a lot. It's also original and clever in a way I've never seen before. As we moved towards the end of season two, I was surprised at how attached I had become to Curtis, the show's main character. Highly recommended. (Last viewed: January 2013)

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Andrew – USA
May 06, 2019 - 05:22
Subject: Canadian hit show!

Letterkenny on HULU. It is so clever… Not like my comment, late at night, and I'm short on words. Started as "Letterkenny Problems," (can find on YouTube) it follows farmers in a fictional Canadian town. Some crass humor, but not nearly as much as Trailer Park Boys, and more cleverly written than any show I've seen in a long time. I suggest you check it out! Thank you for your collections
Reply to Andrew
May 06, 2019 - 14:17
Subject: RE: Canadian hit show!

Hi Andrew, Thank you very much for the tip! Looking forward to checking it out. Wishing you a fun week, -A For my reference:

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