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Way Out West DVDWay Out West
      1937 | USA | Laughs: 5.7 (Watch Once) | imdb: 7.6

Two companions travel to a pioneer town to find the daughter of a deceased miner and give her the deed to her father's gold mine. They get swindled by an unscrupulous couple. Produced by Stan Laurel, this film is probably one of the best "Laurel & Hardy" features (though far behind Block Heads). There is not much to laugh at, but there is lots to make you smile, from the cute music scenes to the flying mule and the ignitable thumb. I also appreciate that it is not as violent as most Laurel & Hardy shorts. Only an hour long, worth a watch. (Last viewed: September 2010)

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Some of the Cast of "Way Out West"

1: Stan Laurel (see other movies involving Stan Laurel)
>> Stan Laurel was credited as actor.

2: Oliver Hardy (see other movies involving Oliver Hardy)
>> Oliver Hardy was credited as actor.

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