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Wanderlust posterWanderlust
      2012 | USA | Laughs: 2.0 (Don't Bother) | imdb: 5.6

After losing their jobs, a couple of yuppies find themselves trying to live on a commune. The concept and cast were decent, but the script was severely lacking in the laughs department. The communal house looked more like a Beverly Hills mansion than the kind of building likely to be found on an intentional community, and most other things about the commune also felt fake. It's not just that the caricature was rough: it seemed that whoever wrote the script didn't bother doing any research and instead chose to follow the lines of the most common stereotypes. For instance, it was heavy on free love, but missed what in my experience is one of the main issues of communal living: division of labor. Why do the same people do all the work while others spend their days "sending energy" or plucking their guitar? There's a lot of humorous potential in such situations. A for concept, E for effort. (Last viewed: September 2015)

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Some of the Cast of "Wanderlust"

1: Paul Rudd (see other movies involving Paul Rudd)
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