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Up in Smoke posterUp in Smoke
      1978 | USA | Laughs: 4.0 (Watch Once) | imdb: 7.0

Alright, this movie may not have made me laugh, but I sure did grin a lot. Two potheads meet on the side of a road, decide to start a band and constantly have to dodge the fuzz. That's basically the plot. Apparently this is something of a cult among stoner movies. For a cult movie, it's surprisingly watchable. The song Low Rider by War over the credits gets you in the mood. Someone else would have to tell you what the movie is like under the influence of weed. (Last viewed: June 2015)

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Some of the Cast of "Up in Smoke"

1: Tommy Chong (see other movies involving Tommy Chong)
>> Tommy Chong was credited as writer, director and actor.

2: Cheech Marin (see other movies involving Cheech Marin)
>> Cheech Marin was credited as writer and actor.

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