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Super Troopers DVDSuper Troopers
      2001 | USA | Laughs: 4.0 (Chuckle) | imdb: 7.1
      wikipedia | dmoz

To avoid being shut down, a Vermont highway patrol unit competes with the local police to impress the Governor. The humor largely derives from the cops' inappropriate behavior. This made me laugh the first time around, but not on the second watch.

Edit: I watched the movie again after seven years to see how it compares with the sequel. Can't believe that much time had gone by! The good news is that the movie is so forgettable that after seven years it's a brand new movie. The bad news is that the 2018 version of my brain is incompatible with the 2011 version, so that it took over half an hour until the first chuckle. Don't hesitate to give the sequel a go though, you might find it superior. (Last viewed: Apr 2011 August 2018)

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