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Sixteen Candles posterSixteen Candles
      1984 | USA | Laughs: 4.0 (Chuckle) | imdb: 7.1

With all those movies that depict clueless teenagers, wouldn't it be refreshing to see one that shows clueless parents for a change? This is exactly the premise of this movie. An entire family (parents, siblings, grandparents) forget that one of their daughters / sisters / granddaughters turns sixteen today.

The movie is refreshingly racist and misogynistic. (Before you flame me, remember that as a gay Asian female I can say whatever the heck I want.) (Before you accuse me of not being a gay Asian female, may I remind you how unenlightened a viewpoint that is and that what matters is what I feel inside?)

I should mention that the film is cruel with people who have unusual physical characteristics, and that it comes close to condoning the taking advantage of young women who are passed out from alcohol.

I'm not sure there was anything funny in the plot itself… But who needs more for an evening's entertainment than this comical time voyage to the peak of the era when straight white males ruled the Earth?

(Last viewed: September 2019)

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