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See no Evil, Hear no Evil DVDSee no Evil, Hear no Evil
      1989 | USA | Laughs: 3.3 (Broken Comedies) | imdb: 6.9

A blind man (Richard Pryor) and a deaf man (Gene Wilder) witness a murder. Now they must escape the killers and convince the police of their innocence. I wanted these guys to make me laugh, but they didn't. One thing that intrigued me: the gratuitous swearing, pioneering for 1989, swearing which would have made it hard for the film to reach the audience best suited to it—children between the ages of eight and thirteen. (Last viewed: May 2011)

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Some of the Cast of "See no Evil, Hear no Evil"

1: Richard Pryor (see other movies involving Richard Pryor)
>> Richard Pryor was credited as actor.

2: Gene Wilder (see other movies involving Gene Wilder)
>> Gene Wilder was credited as writer and actor.

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