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Rams posterRams
      2020 | Australia | Laughs: 0.8 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 6.4

Here is yet another feel-good movie miscategorized as a comedy. Two brothers who haven't been on speaking terms in years, both sheep breeders, must face the same scourge that threatens their town's livelihood. Will they reconcile? Take a wild guess.

This film shamelessly panders to the self-image of Australia (largely a land of air-conditioned urbanites) as a nation of rough but sweet types all equally at ease with flies, snakes and machinery. In the lead role, who better than a New Zealander?

Barbs aside, this is a cute movie, and I do like Sam Neill. I was just really excited to watch him in a comedy alongside Michael Caton, the lead actor from The Castle, possibly the best Australian comedy ever.

A missed opportunity, but far from the worst piece of entertainment to come out of Australia.

(Last viewed: April 2021)

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