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Pros & Cons poster Damast BascoPros & Cons
      1999 | USA | Laughs: 3.5 (Chuckle) | imdb: 5.8

Two guys from different walks of life (classic 'odd couple' plot) get sent to prison by mistake (classic 'fish out of water' plot) and bumble their way up to the top of the pile (classic 'lucky dunce' plot). The movie started slow and never was very funny, but had just enough to keep me in my seat for its considerable duration. On a less relaxed night, I might have given up.

There were some chuckles, and the guest appearance by Jerry Seinfeld was an unexpected treat.

This is definitely a movie of the nineties, and that might be one of the things that made it endearing: it was a lot more relaxed that many contemporary productions.

You won't miss much if you skip it, but you might enjoy it if you have nothing better to do. (Last viewed: February 2019)

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