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Pootie Tang posterPootie Tang
      2001 | USA | Laughs: 1.5 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 5.3
      wikipedia | dmoz

A rock star who speaks a language of his own is also a righter of wrongs. When he mentors America's children to stay away from tobacco and hamburgers, he gets in the cross-hairs of corporate America's big boss.

I enjoyed seeing Wanda Sykes as well as JB Smoove (the actor who plays Leon in Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Chris Rock. Although this movie didn't really make me laugh, it entertained me as I found it thoroughly original.

I didn't know Louis CK could direct, let alone write such a mad script. This movie establishes him among the best African American directors, alongside Spike Lee. (Last viewed: July 2015)

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Some of the Cast of "Pootie Tang"

1: Wanda Sykes (see other movies involving Wanda Sykes)
>> Wanda Sykes was credited as actor.

2: Louis CK (see other movies involving Louis CK)
>> Louis CK was credited as writer and director.

3: Dave Attell (see other movies involving Dave Attell)
>> Dave Attell was credited as actor.

4: Chris Rock (see other movies involving Chris Rock)
>> Chris Rock was credited as actor.

5: JB Smoove (see other movies involving JB Smoove)
>> JB Smoove was credited as actor.

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