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It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World DVDIt's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
      1963 | USA | Laughs: 1.0 (Just Awful) | imdb: 7.5
      wikipedia | dmoz

As a man who crashed his car is about to die, he tells the five people who came down the ravine to assist him that a treasure lies buried 200 miles away. A mad hunt ensues. For humor, this movie relies on a single device—to have people punched, trampled and beaten up in a hundred other ways. It's also from a time when yelling at the top of one's voice was considered good acting. With two hours and forty minutes of this loud rubbish, watching it is extremely hard work. The best thing about the movie is the story I am about to tell you. I once asked a German visitor to tell me the names of the funniest German movies he had seen. He replied that his mom would be the one to ask, and that in fact she had often told him that as a young woman she had seen a movie that was so funny that during the projection a man had died of a heart attack. Needless to say, I immediately pushed the house phone in his hand and asked him to ring his mom. She told him that the movie was called Eine total, total verrückte Welt. I was excited to discover this amazing German movie, but a few seconds on Google revealed that it was in fact an American movie, the one we are now discussing. This shows how much we have moved on since 1963. I am sure that my grandfather (may he rest in peace) would have laughed if he had seen this movie as a boy, in the 1920s. People were simpler then. The fact that this movie still has a high imdb rating shows me that many people on imdb rate movies based on how they remember them, rather than rating them right after watching them again. There is simply no way that anyone in the 21st century could give this film more than a five out of ten, and that would be insanely generous. I wasted my time for you. Do yourself a favor and watch something else. (Last viewed: October 2012)

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Some of the Cast of "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World"

1: Buster Keaton (see other movies involving Buster Keaton)
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2: Jerry Lewis (see other movies involving Jerry Lewis)
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May 01, 2022 - 02:53
Subject: Funniest movie ever

The ones who think this movie is "Awful" are probably the ones that want to have hot sex scenes in it. Probably millennials or the airhead ones from generation z. This is THE funniest slapstick comedy ever and there will never be one funnier.
Reply to Skatoula
May 01, 2022 - 12:38
Subject: RE: Funniest movie ever

Hi Skatoula, I'm sure everyone who reads your comment will be deeply impressed with your intelligence. Thanks to you, I realized that a movie can objectively be the funniest of all time — before your intervention, I suffered from the delusion that humor was subjective and personal. Your characterization of people who don't laugh at the same subtle jokes as you do is also immensely insightful. If you're available, I'd love to offer you some work for this website — it's making so much money that I don't know what to do with it, and I couldn't think of a better use for it than to publish the musings of someone of your talent. Thank you for trolling! You made my day. Warm regards, -Andy

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