La Moutarde me Monte au Nez


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La Moutarde me Monte au Nez DVDLa Moutarde me Monte au Nez
      1974 | France | Laughs: 7.5 (Laugh and Smile) | imdb: 6.5

Through a series of misunderstandings, a small-town math teacher is reported to be the lover of a foreign movie star. This comedy starts weak but gains momentum and delivers a few good laughs during the second half. I was thrilled to recognize in the headmaster the brilliant Colonel from The Battle of Algiers, an unforgettable documentary. A good surprise from a little-known film. (Last viewed: April 2013)

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Some of the Cast of "La Moutarde me Monte au Nez"

1: Claude Zidi (see other movies involving Claude Zidi)
>> Claude Zidi was credited as writer and director.

2: Pierre Richard (see other movies involving Pierre Richard)
>> Pierre Richard was credited as writer and actor.

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