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Kenny DVDKenny
      2006 | Australia | Laughs: 7.9 (Laugh and Smile) | imdb: 7.2
      wikipedia | dmoz

What? This was not a real documentary?" That's how I felt at the end of Kenny, a film that follows an Australian porta-loo installer and his truck as he travels where his trade takes him: concerts, races, and a sewage equipment convention in the United States. If it feels so real, it is because of the director's uncompromising "Get real, we're all people" message. I will long remember a sample of the film's clever, understated humor—a line of Kenny's ailing dad when he incites Kenny to take the management job he's been offered: "In life, no one looks up to you until you're sitting down." Five stars. (Last viewed: April 2010)

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