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Groundhog Day DVDGroundhog Day
      1993 | USA | Laughs: 9.8 (Laugh Out Loud) | imdb: 8.0
      wikipedia | dmoz

A weather newsman (Bill Murray) wakes up in a small town to find out that today is an exact repeat of yesterday—only no one else seems to notice. Soon, he realizes that no matter what he does, the next day he will wake up at the beginning of that same day. He dies a hundred times, but in the morning it's still Groundhog Day. Pure genius, a gift to mankind. (Last viewed: Dec 2008 August 2011)

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Some of the Cast of "Groundhog Day"

1: Bill Murray (see other movies involving Bill Murray)
>> Bill Murray was credited as actor.

2: Chris Elliott (see other movies involving Chris Elliott)
>> Chris Elliott was credited as actor.

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