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Jim Gaffigan Quality Time posterJim Gaffigan: Quality Time
      2019 | USA | Laughs: 3.0 (Watch Once) | imdb: 7.6

Although this show was entertaining to me, like all of Jim's sets that I've watched, I found it below his usual par. There were two reasons for that: (i) much of the early material seems to be recycled from previous shows, and (ii) the second half of the set features a long section with an endless series of jokes about horses. Jim himself acknowledged that this wasn't great material. Since he left it in, he must have had nothing better to fill the time, which bodes poorly for years to come —unless Jim returns to a more reasonable release rate: one tape a year really seems to be too much for him, or for any comedian for that matter.

All this being said, I was still more entertained than with much contemporary stand-up that comes my way, so please don't let this tepid review dissuade you.

(Last viewed: March 2020)

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Some of the Cast of "Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time"

1: Jim Gaffigan (see other movies involving Jim Gaffigan)
>> Jim Gaffigan was credited as writer and actor.

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