The Decline of the American Empire


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The Decline of the American Empire posterThe Decline of the American Empire (Le Déclin de l'Empire Americain)
      1986 | Canada | Laughs: 2.5 (Don't Bother) | imdb: 7.2

I didn't much like this movie when it came out nearly thirty years ago. It has aged very well, because I still don't like it today. Although I'm a big fan of Denys Arcand's later work The Barbarian Invasions, this earlier film, which features many of the same characters, does nothing for me apart from the French-Canadian accent, always a delight on the ears.

The whole movie features men and women engrossed in conversation about their sexual adventures. For some reason, I have never been drawn to this kind of conversation. To make matters worse, most of the characters (who gravitate around academia) are unbearably pedantic. The film's original success may have been caused by the novel openness with which the characters discussed their love live. Nowadays, that is hardly original, and there is no good reason to revisit this old bore. (Last viewed: May 1987 March 2014)

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Some of the Cast of "The Decline of the American Empire"

1: Denys Arcand (see other movies involving Denys Arcand)
>> Denys Arcand was credited as writer and director.

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