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Bridesmaids DVDBridesmaids
      2011 | USA | Laughs: 8.8 (Laugh and Smile) | imdb: 6.8

Now well past thirty, Annie has been struggling to find a footing in love, business and life at large. Chosen to be the maid of honor at her best friend's wedding, she now has a hard time dealing with the plans for an expensive event that symbolizes success for her woman friends. Most of all, she struggles with another bridesmaid who seems to have it all. This movie made me laugh a lot. Despite the laughs, I can't say that I loved Bridesmaids. Why? Many of the situations reminded me of one of the things I dislike in the States—the horrendous fakeness of social interactions in certain contexts. The least real part of the movie was the young policeman with an Irish accent, played by the same actor as Roy from The IT Crowd, whom it was a pleasure to see again. (Last viewed: Oct 2011 February 2012)

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Some of the Cast of "Bridesmaids"

1: Chris O'Dowd (see other movies involving Chris O'Dowd)
>> Chris O'Dowd was credited as actor.

2: Kristen Wiig (see other movies involving Kristen Wiig)
>> Kristen Wiig was credited as writer and actor.

3: Melissa McCarthy (see other movies involving Melissa McCarthy)
>> Melissa McCarthy was credited as actor.

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