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My BossMy Boss's Daughter
      2003 | USA | Laughs: 9.3 (Laugh Out Loud) | imdb: 4.7
      wikipedia | dmoz

An aspiring grunt gets to house-sit at the house of his tyrannical boss, whose daughter he fancies. Of course, everything goes wrong. Don't expect intellectual fireworks: this is good clean fun (well, almost clean), with plenty to laugh at and not much to think about. On account of the laugh-a-minute, I rate this a 7.5. Yet the film probably has one of the lowest IMDB rating of all films on this site (4.3), so evidently lots of people don't find it as funny as I do. If you're in that category, you might enjoy this film's opposite (high IMDB ratings, low laughs for me): Death at a Funeral. Interestingly, the lead actor (Ashton Kutcher) features in Dude Where's My Car, which also rates high on my laugh-o-meter and low on IMDB.

Edit: upon second viewing eleven year later, I was still entertained but didn't laugh. (Last viewed: Oct 2011 August 2022)

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Some of the Cast of "My Boss's Daughter"

1: Ashton Kutcher (see other movies involving Ashton Kutcher)
>> Ashton Kutcher was credited as actor.

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