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American Reunion posterAmerican Reunion
      2012 | USA | Laughs: 5.0 | imdb: 6.7

The only reason I came to watch the nth installment of American Pie is that I realized the script had been written by the same duo who gave us Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. Well, don't get too excited, these two movies are in very different brackets. After five minutes, we had almost given up on this story of the 13th reunion of a group of high school buddies, and after 35 minutes we decided to pause it for the day. But we came back to it the next day, and I was glad we stuck with it because once you go over a certain threshold, the film does have some good moments. By the same token, I could just as well have skipped it entirely. This is not a roarer, but it will please those who like their movies crass. (Last viewed: February 2015)

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