Reggie Watts: Why S!?! So Crazy


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Reggie Watts: Why S??? So Crazy posterReggie Watts: Why S!?! So Crazy
      2010 | USA | Laughs: 1.0 | imdb: 7.2

Reggie was highly recommended to me by a friend who often has similar tastes. Reggie's specialty is to sing humorous lyrics, with a range of funny voices, over a background of loops that he lays by skillful beat boxing. There is no doubt that Reggie is extremely talented, but unlike my friend I wasn't blown away by those performances. For one, I couldn't agree with him that they were unique—having seen a number of acts using looping over the years. Bill Bailey, whom my friend didn't know, certainly comes to mind. For me, in a sense, Bill is the original Reggie Watts, although Bill's sets (such as the wonderful Part Troll) have lots in them besides "funny music". And that's another thing that dampened my enthusiasm about the extremely talented, immensely likeable Reggie Watts: for me, too much of the show was "the same". Sad to say, but I kept falling asleep, and it wasn't sleep deprivation as I was later able to sit through a moderately funny episode of the Australian comedy series Rake. During Reggie's video I smiled a lot, I was impressed, but I dozed off too many times and just didn't laugh.

So while I respect Reggie's talent and find him immensely likeable, I won't be seeking out more of his work. On the other hand, your tastes might be more aligned with my friend's, so I encourage you to check him out. (Last viewed: June 2017)

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