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Three Men and a Leg DVDThree Men and a Leg (Tre Uomini e una Gamba)
      1997 | Italy | Laughs: 7.6 (Laugh and Smile) | imdb: 7.6

Three friends are on their way to a marriage in southern Italy. Two of them are married to two daughters of the tyrannical hardware store tycoon who employs them. Now the third friend is marrying the third daughter. Naturally, the trip takes much longer than expected. This movie felt long at times (my lady companion who lived in Italy for ten years explained that Italians like to give time for emotional moments), but it made me laugh often, and it was refreshingly clean. It seemed that only half of the script made it to the subtitles, and you could tell that if you understood the language you might be rolling on the floor. But even without understanding the language, there is enough comedy in the situations to amuse you. The movie left me with a soft spot for these three friends, so it will be a pleasure to see them again in five years. Or perhaps sooner: apparently, this trio (known as Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo) has made many films together. I enjoyed That's Life (Così è la Vita). Chiedimi Se Sono Felice is not worth watching except for one very funny moment. (Last viewed: November 2011)

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