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Planet Blue posterPlanet Blue (הכוכב הכחול / Ha-Kochav Hakachol)
      1995 | Israel | Laughs: 0.8 (Don't Bother) | imdb: 5.9

This movie was classified as a comedy, but I'm not sure what made it so. Indeed I'm entirely sure what the whole film was supposed to be about. I stuck with it, partly for the cultural value, partly because I was overdue for an experimental film, but certainly not for the laughs.

The movie follows a young man on some kind of mixture of treasure hunt and spiritual journey. The color orange is present in almost every frame, which is somewhat unpleasant on the eyes. Apart from that, there is nothing to dislike. The shanti atmosphere and slow unfolding lend themselves to watching the film over several days, which we did. I don't think I could have taken it in one sitting.

Overall, the movie is not much more mature than a film school project, so unless you love dreadlocks and experimental cinema, you can safely skip this one. (Last viewed: March 2014)

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