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Funny People DVDFunny People
      2009 | USA | Laughs: 5.5 (Laugh and Smile) | imdb: 6.3

A comedian at the top of his career (Adam Sandler) hires a comedian who is starting out to write jokes for his stand-up show. He has cancer but recovers midway through the movie, so we get a whole second film as a bonus. Not only did this movie make me laugh several times, it had a strong plot with characters that behave like real people (well, mostly).

After watching Funny People a second time nine years later, I feel that this movie is an underrated little gem.

First off, the cast is spectacular. Adam Sandler has some funny bits — and some that flop, but that's the role, a thankless one. Seth Rogen is at his best. Jonah Hill is thrown in as a two-pack bonus. Several of the supporting actors made a name for themselves as comedians during the following years, such as Aubrey Plaza and Aziz Ansari from Parks and Recreation. Torsten Voges (someone I'd never heard of) is funny as a humorless German doctor. Jason Schwartzman and Leslie Mann are perfect for their roles and keep the smiles going. Eminem has a short but terrific intervention. And as a late treat in the final part of the movie, we're introduced to a new character played by Eric Bana, who featured in The Castle, perhaps the best Australian comedy of all times.

There is a prescient joke about Robin Williams slitting his wrists (at around 19'40" on my tape, during Rogen's first stand-up set). There are many other things to like. Are there some things to dislike? Yes. But overall, this is a really special film which I hope I remember to watch again ten years from now.

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