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What To Expect When You're Expecting posterWhat To Expect When You're Expecting
      2012 | USA | Laughs: 0.5 (Just Awful) | imdb: 5.7

Several couples plan to have a baby, expect a baby, have a baby. Although there were a few chuckles, this was by far the worst comedy I've watched all year. At an early stage they turned the sappy tap on and never turned it off—it kept dripping, dripping, dripping. The last twenty minutes or so felt like an unending baby-fest. I don't mind indulging my partner in a chick flick sometimes, but gentlemen, do not concede on this one or the hair under your arms will fall out. (Last viewed: November 2015)

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1: Cameron Diaz (see other movies involving Cameron Diaz)
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2: Chris Rock (see other movies involving Chris Rock)
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3: Anna Kendrick (see other movies involving Anna Kendrick)
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