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Chiedimi se Sono Felice DVDTell Me if You're Happy (Chiedimi se Sono Felice)
      2000 | Italy | Laughs: 2.3 (Just Awful) | imdb: 7.0

If you enjoyed Three Men and a Leg and the characters of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, you may consider watching this movie for one very funny scene that starts 27 minutes into the movie and ends about a minute later, a scene where Aldo, baffled, listens in while his two friends pretend to discuss which "third man" they should invite to a dinner where three ladies will attend, ignoring Aldo. Apart from that, it's a solid "skip". These three have made several movies together, and Chiedimi seems little more than a complacent exercise in showing their faces, riding on the goodwill accumulated in prior work. Apart from the weak plot that involves an altogether implausible theatrical production, one major shortcoming of the film is that for a major part of it, the trio are no longer friends. Their dynamic as enemies is far less interesting than that when they get along. That's Life (Così è la Vita) is much stronger. (Last viewed: November 2011)

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