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Bliss DVDBliss
      1985 | Australia | Laughs: 0.1 (Broken Comedies) | imdb: 7.0
      wikipedia | dmoz | who was involved?

In the 1980s, a few of the Australians I met seemed a little bit odd. If people are a product of their culture, films such as Bliss help explain that. It feels like an extended film school project with a bit of a budget. Though it's classified as a comedy, it's certainly not funny. Bliss is about a man waking up to the "system" and eventually leaving for a simpler life. The ending in a rainforest community resembling those of the Nimbin region is excellent—the movie should have started there. (Last viewed: September 2012)

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Pacific Banana posterPacific Banana
      1981 | Australia | Laughs: 0.0 (Just Awful) | imdb: 4.5
      wikipedia | who was involved?

This movie belongs to a genre that for whatever reason seems to have flourished in Australia in the last century—we'll call it Aussie adult comedy. The plot (if there is one) involves a charter airline that flies between Australia and Tahiti, and hordes of women who throw themselves at the two pilots. The comedic power being close to zero, the only point seems to be to show a bit of flesh. It's a big bore: steer clear, unless of course you're one of those people who love bad movies. (Last viewed: July 2014)

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Down Under posterDown Under
      2016 | Australia | Laughs: 0.0 (Broken Comedies) | imdb: 5.7
      wikipedia | who was involved?

If you've bought the propaganda according to which Australia is a paradise, this movie is probably the right medicine. The topic is the race riots that took place south of Sydney pitting "white Australians" against Australians of Middle Eastern extraction (also "white", mind you, just not blond). After failing to even smile after close to twenty minutes, I gave up on it as I was in the mood for comedy, but the movie doubtless has documentary value. (Last viewed: April 2018)

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Cosi DVDCosi
      1996 | Australia | Laughs: N/A (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 6.8
      wikipedia | who was involved?

Hired by a psychiatric ward to direct a variety show, a young man is soon hijacked by one of the patients for a far more challenging task—that of directing the opera Così Fan Tutte, whose theme of fidelity is mirrored in the young man's life. Speaking of hijacking, Toni Collette only has a supporting role and was not so prominent on the original poster, which was made before she overtook Ben Mendelsohn in fame. This movie was recommended to me as an introduction to Australian culture when I moved down under in 2001, and I would now second this opinion, although the country has changed. This film is a bit loud at times (it's a psychiatric yard after all), but it's endearing, and it made me laugh a few times on second viewing. (Last viewed: November 2011)

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Muriel's Wedding DVDMuriel's Wedding
      1994 | Australia | Laughs: N/A (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 7.2
      wikipedia | who was involved?

Everybody tells Muriel she's "daggy" (Aussie for uncool). By the end of this underdog story, she's made a place for herself, at least in her own heart. Featuring Australian archetypes and classic shots of the Gold Coast: required viewing for serious students of Australiana. (Last viewed: April 2010)

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Crocodile Dundee IICrocodile Dundee II
      1988 | Australia | Laughs: N/A (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 5.6
      wikipedia | who was involved?

Two stars. The best thing about this movie is the poster. Unlike the original Crocodile Dundee, this is not so much a comedy as a light-hearted adventure movie. The cocaine-drug-lord story line is as weak as it gets, but the film has its good moments, especially once the plot tears itself away from New York and moves back to Australia. No matter how awful the screen writers you throw at him, Paul Hogan's character is good value. (Last viewed: September 2010)

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