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Fck You, Goethe posterFck You, Goethe (Fack ju Göhte)
      2013 | Germany | Laughs: 7.2 (Laugh and Smile) | imdb: 7.0
      wikipedia | who was involved?

In order to dig up his loot, a hot ex-convict gets hired to teach at a high-school, where it soon appears that he alone can get through to the tough kids. This was like watching a decent American comedy, but in German: a predictable plot, but laughs and lots of smiles. Given how hard it is to come by a comedy movie in German, I highly recommend this one. (Last viewed: May 2014)

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Turkish for Beginners posterTurkish for Beginners (Türkisch für Anfänger)
      2012 | Germany | Laughs: 5.7 (Watch Once) | imdb: 5.8
      who was involved?

A stuck-up pure-breed young German woman finds herself stranded on an island with an attractive young man of Turkish origin, his sister and a Greek-German young man. This is a stupid movie in the best sense of the term. Yes you've seen many "odd couple" storylines before, but the characters are endearing and the movie is quite funny—though not nearly as much as Fck you, Goethe, which had the same lead male actor. (Last viewed: July 2014)

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Suck Me Shakespeer 2 (Fack ju Göhte 2)
      2015 | Germany | Laughs: 5.6 (Laugh and Smile) | imdb: 6.0
      wikipedia | who was involved?

While this sequel to Fack ju Göhte is not quite as funny as the original and starts weakly, it has time on its side (nearly two hours of it) and builds up to a satisfying comedy overall. In this installment, our ex-convict teacher takes a group of kids to Thailand, where a loot has been sent by mistake. The plot is fairly relaxed and the humor is low-octane, but there were enough funny bits to keep us entertained. (Last viewed: April 2016)

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Stromberg Der Film posterStromberg The Movie (Stromberg Der Film)
      2014 | Germany | Laughs: 4.0 (Don't Bother) | imdb: 7.3
      who was involved?

This is a movie made after a television series that is the German version of The Office. The manager of an insurance company's regional office brings his crew to headquarters for the company's 50th birthday celebration. There are funny moments, but if you've seen Office Space, The Office and The Office UK there is nothing new here. I like German movies but in my view this one can safely be skipped. (Last viewed: September 2014)

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Pappa Ante Portas DVDPappa Ante Portas
      1991 | Germany | Laughs: 3.8 (Broken Comedies) | imdb: 8.0
      wikipedia | who was involved?

Forced to retire prematurely and spend his days at home, an executive becomes a bother to his wife. This highly-rated German film probably has more appeal for those who were raised in the German culture, as they will find humor when the main character subtly deviates from the local social norm. For foreign audiences, the movie is not without charm, yet I see no compelling reason to sit through it—unless you were going to write a review. Skip. (Last viewed: July 2012)

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Er Ist Wieder Da posterLook Who's Back (Er ist wieder da)
      2015 | Germany | Laughs: 3.5 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 7.1
      wikipedia | who was involved?

For unknown reasons, Adolf Hitler wakes up in present-day Berlin. As he takes stock of his situation and the problems of the modern world, he starts to broadcast his views and becomes an instant TV sensation. While everyone believes he is a comedian, many embrace his analysis. One interesting feature is that many of the scenes showing reactions to Hitler's interventions are raw, unscripted footage. Not a laugh-out-loud comedy, but an amusing and revealing film. (Last viewed: April 2016)

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If It Don't Fit, Use a Bigger Hammer posterIf It Don't Fit, Use a Bigger Hammer (Was Nicht Passt, Wird Passend Gemacht)
      2002 | Germany | Laughs: 3.5 (Watch Once) | imdb: 6.6
      who was involved?

If you've ever been around a construction site, you'll appreciate this comedy about an architecture student who lands an internship among rugged builders. I can't say that I laughed, but I smiled throughout. An entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable little film. (Last viewed: September 2014)

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Go for Zucker DVDGo for Zucker (Alles auf Zucker)
      2004 | Germany | Laughs: 3.0 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 6.8
      wikipedia | who was involved?

When their mother dies, two brothers (one an orthodox Jew from Hamburg, the other one a secular gambler from former East Berlin) must follow Jewish tradition for a week and reconcile, or else they will lose their inheritance. It's rare to see Jewish culture in a contemporary German context, though apart from East-West themes little about the movie is particularly German—with minor adjustments it could have taken place in London, New York or Tel Aviv. A decent watch that could have been over-the-top but achieved a good balance. It should keep you smiling. (Last viewed: October 2012)

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Toni Erdmann posterToni Erdmann
      2016 | Germany | Laughs: 3.0 (Watch Once) | imdb: 7.4
      wikipedia | who was involved?

Hoping to reconnect with his daughter—a strung-up consultant—a man poses as a life coach in order to intrude into her work environment. This sweet, intimate movie is not a 'slap-your-thighs' kind of comedy, but it's insidiously funny and we had no trouble sitting through the whole thing (two hours and forty minutes) in a single sitting. A recommended watch if you're not desperate for hard laughs. (Last viewed: September 2017)

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Go Trabi Go posterGo Trabi Go
      1991 | Germany | Laughs: 3.0 (Don't Bother) | imdb: 5.9
      wikipedia | who was involved?

Shortly after the fall of the Berlin wall, an East German family travels to Western Europe on their Summer vacation in the dad's beloved Trabant car. This movie was cute and I'm sure it is replete with significant cultural information, but for foreign viewers who are not in love with German culture there are probably more entertaining things to watch. (Last viewed: April 2014)

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Der Schuh des Manitu posterManitou's Shoe (Der Schuh des Manitu)
      2001 | Germany | Laughs: 2.8 (Don't Bother) | imdb: 6.6
      wikipedia | who was involved?

This film is a bit of an anomaly: a mock-Western movie by a German director, in German. Much of it is nonsensical, in the tradition of Mel Brooks, and since Brooks's humor leaves me cold, the movie didn't make me laugh once. That being said, it's not all anachronisms, burlesque and cabaret. There are also elements of the Raiders of the Lost Ark that might keep you watching if you're committed. Sadly, I saw it dubbed. It might have been funnier with German voices. (Last viewed: July 2014)

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Herr Lehmann posterHerr Lehmann
      2003 | Germany | Laughs: 2.0 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 7.2
      wikipedia | who was involved?

I would not call this a comedy—light-hearted might capture it, if there were such a genre. Set in Berlin in the days before the fall of the wall, it weaves about a group of friends and acquaintances who work in night bars. The soundtrack, though excellent, has a number of anachronisms. A lovely little movie with many actors I'd never seen before. (Last viewed: July 2014)

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Puppe, Icke & der Dicke posterPuppe, Icke & der Dicke
      2012 | Germany | Laughs: 0.5 (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 6.2
      who was involved?

This is a decent little movie about the adventures of a blind girl, a deaf man and small person around Berlin. It's a light-hearted movie but not what I would call a proper comedy as it's not designed to make you laugh—don't expect to. (Last viewed: July 2014)

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Phillip Williams – Melbourne Australia
October 16, 2015 - 22:11
Subject: Name of German comedy movie

I remember this really funny German movie but cannot find it on any of the pages I have looked under comedy movies in Germany. I am sure the name of the movie was called something like "Two Chinamen and a Double Bass" Delighted if you know of a movie with such a title. I had it on video years ago but since I don't have it any more would love to see it. Thanks for your time. Yours, phil.
Reply to Phillip Williams
October 17, 2015 - 17:02
Subject: RE: Name of German comedy movie

Hi Phillip,
Sounds like you're looking for this movie:
Never heard of it, sounds promising. Thank you for recommending it, I hope to watch it some day.
Wishing you a fun weekend,
bill – midwest
June 06, 2015 - 11:59
Subject: suggestion

Im Juli
Reply to bill
June 06, 2015 - 12:11
Subject: RE: suggestion

Hi Bill, Yeah, I love Im Juli! (And other Fatih Akin movies.) But didn't really think of it as a "movie that makes you laugh". Thank you for the thought, it should now show in the Comments section.

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