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Kiler Machulski 1997 DVDThe Hitman (Kiler)
      1997 | Poland | Laughs: 7.4 (Laugh and Smile) | imdb: 7.6
      wikipedia | who was involved?

A taxi driver protests when he is arrested in place of a killer. When no one believes him, he starts to play along. Comedies from outside the major movie-producing centers are sometimes a bit rough, but this Polish movie was a great watch. I laughed and smiled even though I had to read the subtitles—it must be even funnier if you understand the language. (Last viewed: October 2010)

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Teddy Bear Mis 1981 DVDTeddy Bear (Miś)
      1981 | Poland | Laughs: 7.4 (Laugh and Smile) | imdb: 8.3
      wikipedia | who was involved?

In pre-capitalistic Poland, the manager of a sports club must scheme to obtain a passport in time to beat his ex-wife to London to withdraw his money. I don't speak Polish, but this movie kept me smiling all the way through and made me laugh at least once. I happen to have visited Poland in 1982, a year after the movie was made, so its ambience was familiar. But my friend who has never been to Poland loved the movie too. Woven into the engrossing "swindle plot", there are delicious scenes of bureaucracy at work, a candid view of the black market and "innocent" references to the occasional unavailability of comforts such ham, transportation and hot water. The director did a great job at showing the humor in the strange situation of life in those days—rather than making a tragedy of it or a big political statement. Polish title: Miś. (Last viewed: November 2010)

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Vabank DVDGo for Broke (Vabank)
      1981 | Poland | Laughs: N/A (Light-Hearted) | imdb: 8.0
      wikipedia | who was involved?

In Polish, by the same director as Kiler. I don't usually go for period movies, but thanks to its strong plot and acting, this turned into one of the best heist movies I've seen. It's always nice to see unpleasant characters come undone. Smiled a lot, and laughed a few times towards the end. (Last viewed: January 2012)

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